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June 2009

What will happen if PKM win?


Recently there quiet hype regarding communism. Some say the communists are good, they are hero and kick the ass of Japanese, Brits and Malays.  For me, I don’t care. There are a lot of truth, half truth, baked truth, so called truth out there for you guys to read so I’m not about to talk PKM history. Just a little wonder what will happen if Chin Peng win?

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DrAgOnIcA OBT Start Today


Dragonica return in OBT today after a long wait since the CBT by the fans. Unfortunately it is not without a hitch. After a system maintenance that took somewhere 8 hours since 10 am this morning, the official site went down after a surge from visitors. A visit to the official site greet you with this screen ” SQL error system out of memories”. Wah, I wonder how it will be in the game? Will there be a lot of KSer?


For sure there are a lot of cries for those who didn’t download their client yet. As for me, during the time this blog is written, I’m still waiting for my CBT client to be updated to OBT. Fortunately the patch server is not down yet since lots of people can’t even get a hand on the client yet.  Wonder if the main play server is still up? One thing for sure, the official website will be expected to be down till tomorrow. (It 9pm here in Malaysia and there won’t be any people working at nite in Singapore) Read More »DrAgOnIcA OBT Start Today