Q1: I just bought the game. What should I do? A1: Install the game, then run the tutorial. The tutorial can be accessed from the main menu. Q2: Finished the tutorial. What’s next? A2: You can host your own game, join the public server or play solo. Suggest you join the Bolehland server if you are in SEA region. Q3: I joined/started a game and it asked me to join a faction. Which faction should I choose? A3: There are 4 factions to choose from….Continue Reading “Interstellar Rift FAQ”

* This was posted at https://ahisyam.blogspot.com/ on 1st Dec 2006   Outside it is 10 C. Too cold but not yet subzero. Last time, I went to New Zealand and it was summer. So not that cold and they have nice breeze. Here in Ireland, it always raining cat n dogs and no sign of snow. It feel just like in a freezer. The interesting part was the flight from Heathrow to Cork. We boarded aer lingus flight and about 2 3rd of the flight…Continue Reading “Man, Its Cold Out Here!!!”

Recently I’m absorbed and become interested in medieval era. Its all began when I started to watch Game of Throne, a HBO drama which is an adaptation of George RR Martin novels. The drama settings is nice done, the weapon, the armor , the plotting, the ‘ah ah’ and horse riding intrigued me again to play Mount and Blade (review later), a game that is set in medieval era. In addition, I also play Medieval total war again too.













Given that the house price is increasing very fast, you will be lucky to be able to get a small apartment. A 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment in the Kuala Lumpur area can reach up to RM100,000. And the size of the average apartment is about 500to 700 sq/ft. So you’ll need to maximize the living space.

In fact, I found two video on youtube which shows brilliant idea on maximizing the living space. It is called modular home furniture where you can hide your furniture into the wall seamlessly or use the same thing for other purpose.

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Ahh, what a melancholy day. Well, I’m sure this would be a good time to reminiscence old memories. The day the first time I’ve encountered this thing called anime. If I’m not mistaken, the first anime I’ve watched is DNA2 which is introduced by a friend. He gave me a CD which contain these videos in forgotten format. Is it tivo/vivo? Can’t remember.That was 13 years ago in 1998.

Back then in 90s, the only source of anime are imported CD from Japan, US and HK. During that time, we didn’t know about fansubs. In addition, being on dial up doesn’t allow me to explore the net during that time and look for anime. Imagine downloading 400MB will takes days!!.

And then I was accepted into university. From there I begin to download anime from direct download site and IRC. I downloaded this:

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Today hard disk maker didn’t build their hard disk like they used to before. Those old hard disk is so reliable that they run for years. But recently the hard disk failure rate is increasing very fast. I have a lot of hard disk at home. In fact I have 10 desktop hard disk and 6 is running right now. 2 of it runs 24/7 in a torrent/media  server and another 2 is used for back up purpose.

I have hard disk from Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung. So far the hard disk that always failed me is Western Digital hard disk.

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1 month to go and it already 2 years that this site have been running. Not much post here with the latest count of 49 post including this one. 10k spam caught and 70k page visit recorded and 25k unique visit recorded with average of 300+. So far so good but my contract with current hosting has ended where he no longer desire to host this blog. Anyway, I’ve already have a new host and currently learning on how to control the site and how…Continue Reading “2 Years Anniversary And A New Beginning”


Sorry for the lack of update. It is not that I’m lazy just that I didn’t have the time to write and then forgot about the issue that I’m about to raise. I should write down all the idea and get back to it later.

So the topic for today. I got this idea while taking a bath. Aha, you dirty mind. Anyway when I tried to wiki the said issue, guess what “This website has been blocked”. In other word you’re not allowed to learn about sex at work. Keep that in mind guys. The company didn’t want you to use contraceptive. :p

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