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What will happen if PKM win?


Recently there quiet hype regarding communism. Some say the communists are good, they are hero and kick the ass of Japanese, Brits and Malays.  For me, I don’t care. There are a lot of truth, half truth, baked truth, so called truth out there for you guys to read so I’m not about to talk PKM history. Just a little wonder what will happen if Chin Peng win?

  1. You and I will be wearing same shit, no branded items.
  2. You won’t be reading my blog right now because all internet have been censored or there aren’t any to begin with.
  3. All of us will be cycling to works instead.
  4. Big potrait of Chin Peng at home and chant ‘Ooo Great Leader’.
  5. Great leader this great leader that, he is saviour.
  6. Chin Peng will be drinking whiskey and smoking cigar in Istana Negara right now.
  7. Made in Malaysia items will be scattered all around the world. Oiyooo.
  8. 1 malaysia, 1 party.
  9. You guys will be speaking in Mandarin instead.
  10. 3 star logo is the trend. You will be seeing it everywhere.
  11. Will there be a country called a Malaysia? Instead we will have a Republic of Malaya or North Malaya and South Malaya.
  12. Those Sarawakian will be speaking Indon and Sabahan will be speaking Tagalog.
  13. No more Malaysia boleh.
  14. During election, you can’t see anymore dacing/bulan/rocket/mata. Instead there is only one box and 1 logo to cross/pangkah.

If you ask if I agree Chin Peng to be allowed to return home, I said why not? He should said ” Forgive me, I’ve seen the light and I regret what I did. I will answer for my action and received suitable punishment”. And to the gallow he goes. Forgiveness? I don’t see any reason to forgive considering how arrogant he declared that what he did is not wrong and he did it for his country. Indeed which country? Killing innocent is not wrong? Killing babies is not wrong?

Well, let those who suffered the most to decide if he can comeback. Chin Peng should be grateful that he managed to keep his life.

4 thoughts on “What will happen if PKM win?”

  1. Stick your worthless, incoherent ramblings elsewhere. You are just wasting space on the blog congregators you submit to.

  2. Communism is no doubt a good ideology, but only looks good on the paper. When comes to implementation, it fucked up.

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