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April 2011

Hard disk fail. The Black Caviar lament

Today hard disk maker didn’t build their hard disk like they used to before. Those old hard disk is so reliable that they run for years. But recently the hard disk failure rate is increasing very fast. I have a lot of hard disk at home. In fact I have 10 desktop hard disk and 6 is running right now. 2 of it runs 24/7 in a torrent/media  server and another 2 is used for back up purpose.

I have hard disk from Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung. So far the hard disk that always failed me is Western Digital hard disk.

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Global Agenda

global agenda

Recently I manage to get a hold on this game for just USD 5 after discount. A very entertaining shooter with some element of PVE and PVP. Or to better sum it up is like a Tabula Rasa + TF2 + Gears of war. So far I’m only concentrating on one class to prepare it for AVA.

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