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PS2 Games

Old but still kicking game console.

Dark Cloud 2

One of my favourite game, it is a cell shaded graphic game which appeal lot to me. A RPG game with a little twist. As it predecessor which I also play, it add additional feature and retain the georama mode from the old game. This game is must have for an avid RPG gamer. It also have similiar graphic with Rogue Galaxy.

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.hack//GU Series

One of my favorite PS2 game. .hack GU is a RPG game based on a virtual online game which is not a real online game. Tongue twister meh. It got a whole new story with new characters different from the original .hack but still a continuation of the original series. The original series came in 4 episode and .hack GU came in three episode. Read More ».hack//GU Series

Phantasy Star Universe

A long long time ago in a system far far away… the Gurhal System.

The three planets that make up the Gurhal System are populated by humans and three other races born of the humans–Newmans, Beasts and CASTs.

Wars between the races raged for 500 years, but the races eventually settled into a moderately peaceful coexistence. But now, after a century of peace, certain devastation arrives …

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