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New Start

I have a blog at blogspot which haven’t been updated for a long time. Since I have a lot of time now, I’m thinking of building a new blog instead of continuing the old one. So here we are at the wordpress. From what I can see yet, it got a lot of features that I like such as link manager and page type post.

Not to mention that last time, blogspot was blocked by KP though I don’t know why.

If you guys are interested in reading my old blogs, visit

My Old Blog

This new blog mostly will be on anime and manga unless I have other interesting things. Well, the only thing is I cannot edit it to include ad but that’s ok as it is still new. Perhaps in the future, I will move all this blog to my own website. Hopefully.

I know the header a bit ugly but I haven’t touch the photoshop nearly 7 years now. Anyway, I welcomed volunteers to do it.

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