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The Site is Good to go at last


Setting up a site is no an easy task. I have to make sure everything is working properly and to make do which is head and which is tail. Each time something is corrected, something else will broken.

Not just that, with a frustration of uploading and watching the screen wanting to throw the monitor out as the ftp client keep reconnecting due to dc. Man, broadband in Malaysia really sucks. I’m thinking of getting celcom but celcom is also managed by the provider of the sucks broadband. Same old shit.

I really pissed of with this company that outsource their customer service to company that doesn’t know a shit about computer and internet. All they keep saying is reinstall, try reconnect, try logoff. I’ve made countless complaint and all they gave is an answer straight from the answer sheet. Not to mention phone handing, you ask one guy, tell the story and he hand you to the other department until you gave up and put the phone down. The purpose of customer service for them is to make sure you call once and never call back.

Back to the matter at hand, first day the site is up I noticed something missing from the wordpress so i ask kahpeng (he is my host) and know that it was caused by corruption. Then i reupload everything and upload good plugins and themes. Some of you may notice that this site keep changing it’s theme last few days. Yeah, i’m changing it cause some of it didn’t fulfill my requirement and some of them are just plain ugly.

When I setting up this site, I don’t know a thing about php, css such. All I know is some html which I already forgot much of it. 5 years had gone by since my last site shutdown due to host bankruptcy. That site serve manga download though I didn’t intend to do so with this site as the bandwidth is just 5gb per month. Perhaps in the next 2 month when I have some income to buy some space and bw to host it. ( Dun worry kahpeng, I won’t suck much bandwidth) . It just depends on how well this website will received.

These past few days, I spend a lot of time gazing the script used and make my own modification. Such as this theme i used. Originally it didn’t support widgets and i had to make modification base on some of the theme that have it. It really takes a lot of try and error to make sure it works properly. So basically this blog is based on a lot of try and error.

I also required somebody who has time to redo the header. I’m not much of an artist and of photoshop, I only know little from what I learned during my secondary school. That was about 10 years ago. So I welcome people who want to do it.

My future goal:

  1. Provide a direct download site directory
  2. Put some more anime background story. (not a review right like some other website do. I didn’t that picky about the subtitle and sound.)
  3. Introduce more manga.
  4. Perhaps a little bit on computer and technology.
  5. Maybe PS2 review? Since ps3 is out, ps2 is selling like wholesale. Nearly everybody I know has one except for Zaidel. And i got a substantial amount of game. Perhaps 100+ something?
  6. More on game.
  7. Provide download if i got more money. I’m planting grapes right now. (Menganggur or jobless. Twist on Bahasa)

Oh and by the way, the picture below and above is drawn by shunya yamashita, a game art designer.

5 thoughts on “The Site is Good to go at last”

  1. salam,
    aku keje kat UTM juga..
    Jadi RO dr abu sahmah..
    blog ko ni citer pasal kartun aja ke??
    selitkan lah citer2 pasal diri ko….
    apa pun tahniah..
    akan grad dan ada blog sendiri
    semoga ko di rahmati Allah

  2. apa khabar ecam ? ๐Ÿ˜› semoga semua berjalan lancar… hehe, anyway after my exam i’ll help 2 promote ur site in my blog as well ๐Ÿ˜€ adios

  3. Jarrett Maynerich

    Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great. If you wantto exchange the links with us please let me know.

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