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quiet country cafe

This is my first post, don’t comment on my English.
I really interested to post about this anime, called “quiet country cafe”
or in japanese “yokohama kaidashi kikou”. Not very popular anime, but the
story line is quite good, well at least for me.

The story is about a girl name Alpha who runs a café, one day typhoon struck her café and damages it. Next day she decided to take a little trip around Japan with her camera, leaving her café behind. Walking from place to place, she sees the mostly-empty world with curious eyes, taking pictures with her camera. Yet, in her travels, she also learns the value of returning home.

So why I like this story very much ? it is because the ending song, called ‘fuwa fura’. If you feel like far away from home and you miss it, you miss all your memories, then this song is very suitable. This song goes nicely with the mood. Long way home………

It has 2 episodes each running for 30 minutes. I don’t now where you can download the song ‘quiet country café – fuwa fura’ and the quality video. All I can suggest is that at least you can find it on youtube. Try listen to the ending song, you might like it.

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  2. Holy shit,
    dah ada anime dah keluar, aku dah maca manga dia sampai habis. Siot kasi aku link nak download!!

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