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Eve Online


How long has it been ?Well, I’m too lazy for an update. Perhaps I will post something once in a while. Currently, I’m busy playing eve online.

Actually what is eve online? Eve online is a mmorpg game that is a mix of strategy, rpg, simulation and economy building. You can choose from four races and each race has its own strength and  weakness.


Amarr = Use laser as main weapon where laser is strong against shield but weak against armor. Its ships are strong in armor and weak in shield. Amarr ships can be considered the strongest in PVP.Amarr ships engage in medium to long range.


Minmatar  = Their ships are the fastest in the game. Revel in hit n run tactics, Minmatar pilots usually get in close and unleash max damage using projectile weapon which is strong against armor. Although fast, Minmatar ships lack in defense and depends on pilot’s attribute for survival.

Caldari = One of the most popular race in Eve, Caldari excel in long range combat. Sporting multiple ships with an array of big ass missile hardpoint, a Caldari will do well in mission running. Caldari is strong in PVE but average on PVP.


Gallente = Prefer to unleash their massive drone fleet, Gallente ships will fight in close combat with gun blazing and drone army support. Gallente ships usually sports a thick armor to absorb damage while their drones cut their enemy to pieces. Gallente ships also will do well in PVP.


Player protection in Eve is different from other mmorpg games. In Eve, there are no non PVP area which mean you can be killed anywhere in the game. But, each system in the game is assigned a rating from 0.0 to 1.0. This rating will affect the police/Concord response time to help/save you where in 0.0 systems, there are no police at all. If you are new to this game, don’t go to 0.4 sec system and below until you gain at least some skill and a better ships.


Economy in Eve usually consists of loot and player’s manufactured items. In order words, each item you buy belongs to other player. Because of this, an item price will never be the same in every part of the galaxy. And each items sold need raw material to be made and this cause mining profession to be quiet profitable. You also can do profit margin trade or become a corporate entities which control everything from resource acquiring to sales.


One of the main attraction of eve is cooperative play. Players can create corporation and joined alliance to gain domination in uninhabited  system ( 0.0 system). With introduction of Empyrean Age expansion, players now can fight for the own races in a mode called faction warfare. A corporation is sort of a company where you can assigned right and position to players that join your corporation.


Well, if I want to describe all this, it will need more time and space to do this. Suffice to say, this game in one of the hardest game to learn to play but really interesting.


Eve online have 14 days trial for you to try out the game. Most of the functionality is available to trial account. As for me, I played 4 trial account in order to get a feel of each race and to learn basic of the game. After learning, I then stick with only one account. Currently I’m playing more to as a mission runner in order to get more money. After my income is steady, perhaps I will join the faction warfare.


If you join the game, please drop by my corp public channel rojak cendol to say hello.


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