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School Days


I start download this since the beginning of this year and just got chance to watch it this past few days. Quiet an exciting anime. I recommend you guys to watch it. It left me with mixed feeling.


What is this anime is about? Hmm. Actually this anime is based on eroge or dating sim or whatever you guys want to call it. It is a harem story where everyone with tits seems to fall in love with the main character, Makoto Itou. The beginning of anime start like this, “Everytime I’m on the train, I saw her with book. I’m interested in her” cliche.

*May contain spoilers*


When everyone start to fall in love with Makoto, he started to spread his seed around. With Katsura, he’s a little bit unsuccessful. Katsura ( the girlwith blue handphone) is an introvert girl? Sick since young and always be left alone. Make you want to know her more and have this mysteriuous aura around her.

Sekai (the girl with red handphone) is an active girl and quiet a busybody too. She help Makoto to win Katsura’s heart.

Then things started to take a little bit detour. Sekai have interest in Makoto too. And since Makoto unable to bring Katsura to on her knee, he now turns to an easy prey. Yes, Sekai. And Sekai is too quickly to surrender.


With help from Kiyora, Sekai started to go have fun with Makoto behind Katsura’s back. She felt guilty and want to confess everything to Katsura. But our big boy here didn’t want to.



And to make story shorter, Makoto sleeps with nearly everyone. Damn, ” Makoto you bastard!!”

And the ending is quiet unexpected. To read the ending read my comment.

2 thoughts on “School Days”

  1. Here the ending, MAKOTO GOT PWNED BY SEKAI.

    Sekai is pregnant and want Makoto to stay with her. But Makoto, unable to admit defeat, chase Katsura and ignore Sekai. In the end, he got cut by Sekai. I love the way she invite him to his house and send a sms saying ” Gomen, L LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L sayonara”

    So dramatic the way she appear behind Makoto and start stabbing him. With his dying breath, Makoto said “Yokata”. Makoto, you really deserve that, you prick.

    And then Katsura become psycho when she saw Makoto body. She cut off his head and then face off with Sekai.

    And Katsura turn out to be a better knife fighter and win the day.

    Oh and I really love the way she psyche. She cut open Sekai’s stomach and said ” You lie. There’s no one inside”

    Of course, Sekai only pregnant not even one month yet.

    Interesting fact:

    Makoto fark every one except Katsura. He got pwned before he’s unable to erect.

    A lonely quiet girl tends to turn into a psycho.

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