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2 Years Anniversary And A New Beginning

1 month to go and it already 2 years that this site have been running. Not much post here with the latest count of 49 post including this one. 10k spam caught and 70k page visit recorded and 25k unique visit recorded with average of 300+.

So far so good but my contract with current hosting has ended where he no longer desire to host this blog. Anyway, I’ve already have a new host and currently learning on how to control the site and how to script in Joomla. Tired with wordpress anyway and want to try something new.

As usual coupled with time constrain due to my job, who knows that the new website will be up. One thing for sure I’m still figure out how to import all the post into the new CMS. If come to worst, I start from scratch.

As for the new site, it will use a new name called:

Soon soon.

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