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In order to avoid Earth’s impending destruction from an asteroid, the International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA) works on the “D-Project”, and creates the “Dragonaut” after finding a dragon egg under the ocean. However, they soon find out that the asteroid is not their only threat, as powerful dragon-like creatures appear on Earth. After witnessing a murder by one of the creatures, Jin Kamishina gets involved in the mysteries of the dragons and becomes the chosen pilot of the Dragonaut. Helping him on his journey is Toa, a mysterious girl who saves him from falling to his death after the creature attacks him. As they get deeper into the mysteries of the dragons, they encounter new friends and enemies, and also begin to develop a closer relationship.


What I think of this anime….Well, the first thing that came in mind was Toa’s cleavage. Hohoho. Anyway, this anime is from Gonzo, so you should expect that. The summary told all you want to know about this anime. I think this anime is nice and it will be one of the anime that I follow other than the new gundam. Oh and Toa is the red haired girl above.

I want to tell you more but well, it will be spoiled.

As usual here are the link for download. Oh and there are torrent link too for those who use torrent.

Fansub.tv Dragonaut -The Resonance-

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