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Last post for today. I found this while surfing on the net. Really make my stomach hurt. And it take really long to load on my so called TMNET Hotspot broadband. Suppose to give 384kbps but i think a 36k dial up perform much better.

Why American should be banned from cosplaying

Old post but still interesting.

Usually, I use 2 connection to connect to internet switching it depending which one is faster. And both run concurrently cause I use the loophole in the proxy system to redirect my data thus unthrottled faster connection. If i need unfirewalled connect, I have to use Hotspot. For download I usually use KP LAN which is faster in the morning. Except for today when the network went down yesterday evening.

Enjoy and ciao.

4 thoughts on “Cosplay??!!”

  1. suzumiya haruhi SOS Brigade chief

    They had show themselves for not respect the cosplaying culture. Maybe they had to many sense of humor.

  2. in other word, they just plain ugly. after all most of the character is based on japanese face. american should just stick cosplaying as a gundam or power rangers or stormtrooper.

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