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Phantasy Star Universe

A long long time ago in a system far far away… the Gurhal System.

The three planets that make up the Gurhal System are populated by humans and three other races born of the humans–Newmans, Beasts and CASTs.

Wars between the races raged for 500 years, but the races eventually settled into a moderately peaceful coexistence. But now, after a century of peace, certain devastation arrives …

Seventeen-year-old Ethan Waber and his sister Lumia were attending the grand ceremony commemorating the centennial of the Gurhal System’s Tripartite Treaty when suddenly a mysterious alien species known as the SEED launched a surprise attack. The Alliance Military’s armada was completely unprepared for the sudden invasion and was all but destroyed as the ceremony’s attendees succumbed to panic. In the ensuing chaos, Lumia is left behind in the rubble.

In order to save his little sister, Ethan borrows some equipment from a Guardian named Leo, and for the first time in his life, he’s flung into a dangerous battle of life and death…

A game by Sega.

What ecam thinks…..

I like this game. It pretty much the same with phantasy star online albeit with better graphic and different control.

First time I play phantasy star was on the dreamcast. That was about 8 years ago. Then I got hooked when the PC version was out. Then I bought the ps2 version which they change its name to phantasy star universe or PSU and with different story.

Oh, by the way, the PSO still available as Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. Google for it.

PSU come with ability to 3 different mode.

The Story Mode – you play as Ethan Weber to save the Gurhal System

The Extra Mode – you get this mode after you clear a few chapters in the story mode. This time you can create your own character and explore Gurhal system with a few mission available which can be unlocked by completing the story mode.

The Network Mode – you can play online with other players but you need to buy monthly time subscription.

PSU also have a lot of item building and customization with the Partner Machinery or P-Machine. It also have a lot of different type of weapon depending on the Guardian type and divided more into a few companies brand.

My favorite is cast race that can use SUV weapon. You can deal a lot of damage after you absorb certain level of damage.

Other interesting things are you can use vehicles, change your clothes, synthesis item, upgrade your partner, decorate your room. In other word you can play this endlessly. All you need are just time.

Here are the screenshots:

By the way, Sega is releasing a new stand alone expansion this 20th November. It is called PSU: Ambition of Illuminus. Can’t wait to get it.

To know more about the PSU’s game play and features, visit:

Phantasy Star Universe

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  2. Rolling Thunder rules! If ever there was a game that could made into a movie and actually be good (but they’d have to use a difnreeft title since there’s already a movie called Rolling Thunder’). From a graphic design standpoint, I’d say they were spot-on with the cover art since the idea was to conjure nostalgia.Roger Eggman Ebert is just another hoity-toity old coot in a suit with a turkey neck.

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