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Nissan Skyline R32 GTS

Hai there, its been a while seen my last post, sorry ecam,

Hei if you let me write in Malay, maybe I can post frequently. Hihihihi

Well anyway, me and my brother were up to something,

We actually going on with this project, car project

Some guy post on a forum, he is selling his Nisssan Skyline R32 GTS RB20,

Honestly I don’t now much about car, what I know is skyline is a chick magnet.

Skyline R34 GTR second hand is priced at RM250000. That’s a lot, well at least for me. Unless you are “anak Dato”. About this car that I am trying to buy, all I know is this car has 2.0 liter engine, so not worrying much about next year probability of oil price hike. It’s still a standard skyline, meaning not much modification works have been done, so my mom can drive this car. Yes, a ‘makcik’ driving a skyline around, looks like a Datin don’t you think so?

Last Thursday night my brother and my nephew went to this skyline owner at kota damansara to test this car. My brother said it is faster than his BMW 525. He and my nephew know a lot about cars. So I let them test it can se whether it is a real deal to buy this car. It is a real deal, can’t get anywhere cheaper than this. The thing is, this guy want it in cash. This causes his previous serious buyer still unable to collect the money to buy this car. So he said he is giving this buyer till this Sunday, or he will cancel the deal and sell the car to me. Hope that buyer won’t even get a penny. Hehehehehhe

The picture I post actually a GTR, not GTS that I am trying to buy.

That’s not the problem since the car can be look like that. Just need to change its front GTR bumper. Anyway, that buyer wont be able to buy, and I buy that car. I will modification the car to look like this picture.

8 thoughts on “Nissan Skyline R32 GTS”

  1. oit, makcik now all drive kancil n myvi. not skyline. petrol fuel skyrocket and u still wanna drive high cc car? isk isk.

    check if the car been in accident. 250000? or 25000?
    unless u kaya, where to cekau 250k? aiya boss. manyak duit lai belanja org la.

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  4. ill sell you my gts-t type m with bov,k&n intake, 3″ downpipe, 3″ exhaust, alpine dvd indash, infinity 4″fronts, 61/2″ rear 3-way rockford fosgate, two 12″ alpine type r’s and 17″ chrome rims for $14,000cnd

  5. Hi Dude,Just want to confirm. It’s true only got a few pcs of R32 engine in Malaysia. Someone told that he buy that engine 2 week ago. He said he is a lucky person.

  6. Nissan Skyline 3.5 Auto Coupe Sambung Bayar

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    Jika berminat, sila call @ sms. Terima kasih.


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