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Manga Reading Software


Heya, it is a wonderful morning today. No more raining Today, I want to talk about software that you usually use to read manga. Lot’s of people usually use windows built in image viewer to read manga right. Well, here is one of the best reading software to be used.

Most of the manga downloaded from the net come in zipped file such as .zip and . rar. It is quiet a hassle to extract each zip and read them especially when it come as chapters zip. Imagine having to unzip a whole folder of them after a whole night downloading.

In addition, unzipped image will take longer time to copy or transfer from a folder to other drive or removable drive. Yep, it is faster to transfer the image in its zipped form? Don’t believe me? Try out for yourself. Get a folder of unzipped image and 1 zipped one. Transfer both of them to a pendrive. This way you can see more clearly and time them.

Enough of that. The software I mentioned about is PicWalker. Very hard to find and download because its creator’s website is down at the moment. Fret not, you can download here.


The features? mmm. Even though it cannot show a fully full screen, picwalker can remember where you last read your manga to the exact page. And the most important one is ability to read from archive like zip and rar. And it also can read nested archive. And other prominent feature is it able to show pages as continuous or single pages. And you can navigate the pages using mousewheel. And it also got its own explorer window.

Yeah, some people say acdsee is good. But not me. It got lag problem when accessing folder with media in them such as video even when the media preview is turned off. Not to mention it is unable to read rar file properly. And mine stop working all together few weeks ago even after reinstalling it. Guess some of my software interfere with it.

Lastly, I thought of something. What my blog looks like in Japanese or Russian or French? Huhuhu interesting tool we got here though I don’t know if the translation is correct or not. Here are some screen shots of it in those three languanges.







Guess I really must have a lot of free time. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Manga Reading Software”

  1. thanks for the info, I always use the program from Nero called “Nero PhotoSnap Viewer,” it’s pretty good if it works. Sometimes it won’t open… Thanks for the soft, peace man.

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  3. PciWalker is AWESOME! Love it! As a new manga reader, I get quite confused sometimes. But with picwalker, coz I can see continuously (not just single pg), it makes SO much more sense now. Thanks ecam!

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