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.hack//GU Series

One of my favorite PS2 game. .hack GU is a RPG game based on a virtual online game which is not a real online game. Tongue twister meh. It got a whole new story with new characters different from the original .hack but still a continuation of the original series. The original series came in 4 episode and .hack GU came in three episode. .hack GU took place a few years after the the original story of Kite. After their HQ burned down at the end of the .hack, CC Corp released a new The World R2. It have new graphic and new class such as adept rogue. In .hack GU, the story revolve around Haseo, a PKK (Player Killer Killer) known as Terror of Death who hunt people who hunt newbies. After all he also got PKed when he first time started playing. I recommend you watch .hack Root before playing this game as the anime show how Haseo started playing the World, join Twilight Brigade in his search for Twilight Key and meet the charismatic Ovan, the leader of Twilight Brigade and his aide Shino. Then his lover Shino got PKed by Tri Edge and become the Lost Ones (comatose in real world). Thus start the journey of Haseo searching for cure to revive Shino again and the thirst for power to overcome any obstacles. I really like the story line of this .hack GU. It is quite complicated and quite surprising too as the story evolved. Don’t want to spoil much for you. The sound and the graphic is quiet good. Well, the graphic system really push PS2 capability to the limit. In .hack GU, you of course play as Haseo. After being PKed by Tri Edge in the opening, you lose all those high level experience and equipment ( well won’t be that easy right to start the game with powerful Haseo Terror of Death) resetting you to level 1 player. So it is up to you to strengthen Haseo. You check email, read forum and collect keyword in order to unlock better equipment and advance the storyline. Haseo is an adept rogue class who can wield a lot of weapon type such as dual blade, broadsword, sickle and lastly dual gunblade.  You can change weapon in the midst of battle which suit the situation the best. Oh not to mention you can do rengeki, a skill that deliver more damage and increase morale and allow your party to unleash awakening, a special mode where you and your party can increased power or cast heavy spell or just kick the enemy to hell with an ultimate move. Another specialty of this game is avatar battle where Haseo control Terror of the Death to fight other avatar user. I’m not about to tell you more as it will spoil the story. So you must play the game to know more. All in all, this game is a must have. A jewel of the last generation of PS2 games.

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