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Cute Voice = Beautiful?

Iyann, I guess you guys must have thought that uuuuu she got a cute voice. She must be pretty. After all you can’t see her if she is a seiyuu (voice actress). Have you ever watch anime with those high pitch beautiful girl voice? I thought they must be really beautiful. Well, ever wonder why they didn’t act in a drama? There’s something about it. Perhaps you should think again. Here’s the reality:

Got you…. Well some of them are beautiful but mind you not all of THEM. For example:

Horie Yui. Well, she is pretty right although she is 31 years old now. I prefer a bit younger one. At least she is not 6 years older than me. Ahh, would be a bliss to get a girl like this.

Ok. A question for you. Which one is a seiyuu?

Left or right?

The answer is:

Her name is Chiaki something. Forgot full name. And there are others which should not be mentioned to ruin your day. The truth is a lot of them are like the pictures below. You guess it.

And remember, in Japan there are no such thing as average. They can be either beautiful or really not beautiful.

Here’s an example:

And this

Run, run away!!!

And this group which like to ugly themselves. Never touch them.

Well, puke enough? Sorry if I shatter your beautiful dream of having a beautiful girl with nice cute little voice.


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