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Initial D not


Just got back from Sepang with the car. Really tired driving non stop. And thanks for these cars WCY 176 and AES 1733 for allowing me to draft behind them thus saving fuel. The whole trip takes about RM30 worth of fuel with average speed of 100kmph with distance of 290km. RM 10 for 100km which is about 7 liters of fuel. I’m using Proton Wira 1.5 which is quite a fuel guzzler.

Mind you that drafting is not an easy task. You have to maintain distance about 1 to 3 meter. The closer you drive the better. But not without risk. It need a high level of concentration or you might ram the other guy’s ass. So it can be tiresome. To get more efficient drafting, choose a car with big spoiler or an MPV. Or a higher car. That way the slipstream will pass higher. Oh and you have to be careful with speed. You know you got into drafting mode when you feel your car is suddenly faster and the urge to ram that guy’s ass.


Enough talk about drafting. I’m restarting my FF12 game last night. Not satisfied with current build and not to mention that I’ve been away for a long time that I even forgot the storyline. So now a good time to remake.

I’ll be back in Sepang on Wednesday, perhaps permanently while searching for jobs. Goodbye student life, welcome freeloader life. Anybody got jobs to offer can contact me.

Oh, btw. Nice girl right? New candy girl from Orient. Huhuhuhu. Rosak rosak.

Edited: By the way, WCY176, you had been blacklisted by police. Aiyooo, saman you tak bayar.

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