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Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of Illuminus


Just got a hand on this new episode 2 expansion of the PSU. The Seed HIVE had been destroyed and Endrum Collective with it. You just join the rank of Guardian and is a new recruit. Then you are trained by Laia and encounter Ethan and uncover a new Evil organization that experiment on Seed. Oh guess what, Ethan is a bad guy?


There aren’t many changes than the original except for addition of new weapon type, decoratio, clothes and parts. Well, this time you can customize your own character when you start the game just like the extra mode in the original. You also can import your existing extra mode character from the original by transferring data from the old save game.

The official or story mission have 3 mode rank A, B and C depending on your character mode. Which mean that you can start your game with level 1 character, play the free mission, level up without advancing the story. This way, you can choose the B rank which is for 35+ lvl char or you can use your extra mode beef up char.

You are not required to finish the story mode and can spend time playing free mission though I didn’t know what else unlocked when you continue with the story. Haven’t got there yet. My progress is very slow due to unforeseen circumstances (can decide either to play the story mode using which type).

Overall, CG wise only the opening and chapters cg are different. Others are still the same. And perhaps cooler looking weapon?



Decoration: Now you have 10 places to put your decor. Or you can sell them if you need extra cash. You can find decor easily during free mission by achieving S rank or getting the loots.

Weapons: Well, the new weapons that I noticed are whips, crossbow, grenade launcher, throwing knives and Technic enhancer. Perhaps I miss more as I haven’t advance much.

Missions: You can choose story mission at Guardian HQ and all other usual free mission at their respective places. And it is different mission with different map than the original.



Ranger: Can shoot far from enemies. Can handle on its own when attacked. The only problem is you can exhaust your PP fast. So be ready to spend a lot of money on photon charges.  Photon charges refill till full regardless of PP capacity so make sure you have a balanced weapon.

Pistols: Low damage, rapid fire speed, low pp capacity. Can be used with single handed melee weapon.

Rifles: High damage, medium speed, medium pp capacity.

Dual gun: Medium damage, high speed, medium pp capacity.

Bow: Very high damage, slow speed, high pp capacity.

Cannon: Very high damage, slow speed, medium pp capacity.

Hunter: Depending on the weapon. Dual handed broadsword can reach farther but very slow to swing around. Blade is more all rounded. A knives is faster but short range. A knuckle deliver rapid damage but low damage ratio. Claw is unique but suit only for frontal attack. Paddle sword can reach nearly 360 range. So choose which one you like. But for your information, early enemies is easier to kill so choose weapon that can reach a lot of enemies at once. For boss fight, choose a weapon that can deliver high damage and fast speed. Twin blade or knives have higher reach or range.


Technic : Wand can be equipped with 2 spell and you can equip enhancer on the other hand. A staff can equip 4 spell at once but take two hands to use. Enhancer can increase your magic potency. Choose weapon with good pp capacity and medium tech increase. Or you can equip range weapon such as bow and exquip (exchange equip) into wand with enhancer to deal area damage or heal when you’re surrounded.

Perhaps I will add more in the future as I discover new features. Till then.


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