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This is one of my all time favorite manga. A love story. It was drawn by Masakatsu Katsura.He also drawn Video Girl Ai and DNA2 which are both my favorite too.


I’s is a story about a guy name Ichitaka. You see, Ichitaka had a bad experience with a girl that he like when he was small. The girl told him to f**k off and since then he afraid to confess to the girl he likes. Now he fell in love with Iori, a beautiful model like classmate who is nearly perfect. A drama actor in the drama club. Ichitaka like her and perhaps the feeling is mutual?



Which then all kind of obstacles started to fall on Ichitaka. He branded pervert and such. Until one day the misunderstanding clear up and the relationship about to go one step further.


But not, a chilhood friend suddenly popup one day. Remembered as a tomboy, she turn up to be a beautiful girl. Itsuki move abroad about 4 years ago and now she return perhaps to rekindle old love flame. But
Ichitaka didn’t have any feeling for her except as a childhood friend. And not to mention that Iori thought that Itsuki is his girlfriend.



Until one day, Itsuki said ” I love you Ich-chan”. Is it a joke or is it a true feeling? What will happen next? Who will prevail? Who will Ichitaka choose? What kind of obtacles coming up next?


Interesting right? So if you haven’t read this manga yet, you can download here at:

I’s Download Links


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