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Advertlets Sucks!!!!

Just got back from interview at Texas Instrument. Looks promising. Then check out the website and realize that advertlets is out of business. Damn. I didn’t get to cash out rm 4 they owes me. Not to mention that the absence of their domains cause my website to redirect to their stupid domain parking after finished loading fooling the visitors that my website is down too. No, it is up but it seems down if your connection is fast enough that you got redirect quickly. So I replaced them with adsense.

Guys, please clicks on my ads ok. I only have $5 dollar only in it.

Wanna post something more but perhaps later.

Updates: Well, i just post this about half an hour ago and now here a comment below from advertlets. They didn’t went out of business yet. But the fact still remain that they still sucks as how can they let their domain expired? Really show that you got bad management or perhaps your webmaster got killed? or asleep on the job.Wake up guys. Anyway, I just change back my ads. Again.

9 thoughts on “Advertlets Sucks!!!!”

  1. i think they still not paying. but as for me, I only got about rm5 worth and thinking of stopping. My adsense which start at the same time reach about 10 dollar. so clearly you can see which one worth more. I’m putting advertlets because want to help them but if their cashout history is like shit, guess i say bye bye.

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