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Dark Cloud 2

One of my favourite game, it is a cell shaded graphic game which appeal lot to me. A RPG game with a little twist. As it predecessor which I also play, it add additional feature and retain the georama mode from the old game. This game is must have for an avid RPG gamer. It also have similiar graphic with Rogue Galaxy.

Graphic wise, it use a cartoonish presentation with cell shaded tech which is quiet popular for the games of its time. Then abandoned as more advanced 3d engine available. This make it as one of its own attraction. The background music is also nice that make you humming it after a few hours of play. Believe me.

You control 2 character. Max and Monica. Max is an inventor while Monica is a princess. So Max kill with his wrench while Monica uses her sword. Max also can create a robot and ride it into battle.

Other neat features which are the same with the original are georama where you decorate a piece of land with object that you collect or manufactured. You can design the layout of the missing village to your heart content and you do need at least to place the required landmark or objects in order to advance the story.

Other than that, you can synthesize your old weapon with orbs or synthesize old weapon with new weapon in order to create a more stronger weapon. And the inventing feature required you to take picture so that max can add the images in order to get idea to build things.

All in all, since it is an old game, if you see one in bargain bin, grab it. You won’t regret it.

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