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Granado Espada


Espada. Sound like that character in that anime which its main hero cry out “bankai” and turn super strong. You know which one. Except this one is a game and have nothing to do with that anime. Nothing at all except that both have espada. Yes, actually espada meaning is sword. This game is called Granado Espada or also called The Sword of New World. It is a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game) from Korea, the land of online games.

Ok, what makes it different from other mmorpg games? Simple, the graphic, the gameplay and the music. I played GE last time during the open beta when I was in UTM. It was breathtaking and also taxing on my measly connection. Which always cause disconnect when I tried to load the game with team of three. And make me gave up to play it until recently. Three? Yes, you control 3 character at once. Meaning you can have a tank, healer and damage dealer all in one team.


After the public open beta, I thought it goes p2p (pay to play). Just when I check it out recently, (thought of playing it again as I just acquired a broadband) it turns out it is f2p (free to play). In other word, no more monthly payment. Except you can buy the premium item which I haven’t check out yet. Like special item, weapon or armor. So go out and buy it to support them.

As for the graphic, I can’t test the full potential of the game because I only have a Pentium 3 with Geforce Fx 5600. But needless to say, it is beautiful from the character, monster and the background. You’ll be stunned.

Add to that with endless classic piece mixed with techno. A good touch but can be annoying after some time.

The game play? Quiet ok except for the load time and I have yet to discover all the quest. I’m just restarting remember? You can recruit NPC and add them to your family. In other words, they become your character. And if I’m not mistaken, there are 5 barrack and each can support 9 character, so you can have about 45 character in all. Or more so check out the official website.


All in all, GE is worth playing and sure will take hours of your time. Better yet, invite your friends and create a faction and make war. Mafia anyone?

So visit the official website here and hope to see you soon in GE.


5 thoughts on “Granado Espada”

  1. Dude. How many online games have you played? Pretty graphics is a really poor factor when deciding what to play. Better scope out how dirty the server is: how many people bot, gold selling spammers, pk.

    GE sucks because having a party by yourself means even less interaction with other people, who are usually only polite when they need something from you (“party plz? itams plz? plvl me plzzz??”). This is even worse on games with regional (i.e. Singaporean or Malaysian) servers, because our locals score even worse when it comes to acting civilly online. Everybody’s either too busy to bother to talk to you, or spamming world chat with the latest guild drama, or some random guy who starts insulting/pking you for some imagined slight.

    I guessed the “solo party” feature was just begging to be abused, and true enough this happened. Just make yourself a well rounded team and camp a spawn spot. Oops, everyone else will be doing this as well. I wonder why people even bother to play these treadmill-type games when they can even level while afk. What’s the point of playing if you’re not even playing??

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  3. ur a stupic f**k Truce.. the fact some ppl enjoy the game.. is.. because the graphics gorgeous,makes u feel ‘real enough to play with a sense that ur actually there.. and yes.. if uve played say RAN ol or some other games,uve may notices it takes a damm hell ur whole fuckin months just to reach lvl 50, while in GE, u can do this withi a few weeks, get all the cool skills, then become a lvl 100+ thats when ull feel the time go by when u wish to lvl higher, and at this point,its not abt lvling anymore,its abt ‘being smart’-getting the advantage skills,team line up,weapons and armor.. bacuse u know why? not everyone is an unemployed person who has all the time of the day and week to sit around the computer playing ol games.. so yes.. the fact that u can or may lvl up slowly if ur afk (compared to how fast u may lvl up whwn ur actually playing) a real bonus that keeps ppl playing.. i played RAN for months just to be a mediocre lvl 50 with mediocre skills.. while in ge, in 1 month oso i already become lvl 70+ with all the bombastic earth shaking skills i need to keep me exited, who wants to play for 5 months and only get to shoot a blood arrow or wield an electric sword? what a waste of time.. the fact that most games are slow to lvl is because the creators do not have the innovation to expand the game as the lvl of players experience increase, wheres in ge the fact that u are ongoing acquiring new characters(npc),the ongoing expanding world, and the on going available room for upgrading ur skills and acquire new ones,items and others for each of ur chars and npc.. is the point which makes the games survivability an on going experience..about the graphics, yes i think it is among a key factor besides game playability and level of excitement that it may deliver that makes the game worthwile keeping to and is among the most played/publicised ol game in malaysia.ask urself, do u feel like ur shooting a gun at a warzone when all u see around u are lame flat 3d drawings and ur fingers almost look like a one piece round polygon extension with lame suppose to be fingers drawing on it? as far as i’ve played, the kids and community in ge are okay,of nice kids-compared to some other malaysian popular ol games. this i think is influened by the design and atmosphere of the game itself,the rules set and the setting that the game is set on- the age of the finding of the new world.but yeah truce, i think it would be a new experince and more commuinity like game if there were only one char instead of 3,after all..whats the purpose of playing ol if u decide to park urself at a certain spot to play by urself and shoo anyone else who comes by?
    so overall,ot of 10, id give ge 9 if not 7 or 8.

  4. Truce, at least we south east asians don’t go around calling people fuckin’ noobs when they can’t do something.

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