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Atlantica Online: Chapter 1


Currently I’m busy playing this new online game. It is called Atlantica Online. The server is based in US so expect some lagginess when in the game. And there are no SEA version yet that I can found. Atlantica Online is a mmorpg with turn base battle system. Kind like Heroes of Might and Magic style of game. In 3D.

Basically the battle system use point and click the enemy to attack them. Yo can issue magic command, pickup item and move order during battle. There are a turn time limit that depends on your merc quantities. Yes your army consists of yourself as the hero and mercenaries as your underling. You can hire mercenaries to fight for you. Current there are 2 classes to choose from. C class and D class. You started the game with D class.


Getting Started

AO allows you to control 9 character at once in a 3×3 formation. You can use less of course and there will be bonus depend on the vacancies in your formation.

You started the game by choosing which hero type you want to be. Swordie? Spearman? Axeman? Archer? Gunner? Cannonner? or lastly Shaman.

Each have different magic ability and attack type. Take Cannonner for example. He/she can attack the whole group  at once but has very low action power which limit the frequency of her attack. Check the official website first for detail before you decide which type you want to be. Once selected, you can’t change it anymore or not at very high expense in the game. There is certain item that allow you to repick your class later in game.


After you pick your hero, on you go to the tutorial quest. Be advised to turn off your torrent before playing this game or there wil be problem starting up the intro. Last time I got black screen nearly 15 minute before I decide to turn off torrent and restart.


During your tutorial quest, you can pick 3 mercenaries on the course of tutorial. Choose wisely but for starter I recommend you take at least 1 archer to help you later in dealing with your first boss fight, hellish fairy. Archer can be very useful for its silence magic which can cause problem to magic caster.


In PVP archer can rule too by taking out the main char out during early round of free league but not so useful against swordman type main char. Last time I use shaman as my main char during my early trial run and got pwned repeatedly. But shaman can rule in the later part of the game provided you live long enough.


Recently a new server called Argos had been launched. I restart anew on this server as it will have even playing ground and not so inflated economy. But you will have trouble crafting though. More about crafting and item enchanting on my next post if I’m not lazy.


Atlantica Online also have party system where you can have a party of up to 3 members. So the biggest battle you can do is  3 vs 3 where 27 char vs 27 char at once. See picture above.This is common during war and later enemy encounter where enemy can reinforce themselves and gang up on you. In party you can get bonus exp in form of small exp book. This small exp book can be used to lvl up your just acquired char.

Oh and not to say about town management. I have no idea yet how to gain a town for the guild but it have something to do with guild point. Guild point can be collected through training centre run, attendance and guild quest.


Lastly my advice is follow the quest. Atlantica doesn’t need grinding on early level and just focus on completing the quest as it will provide item, money and exp. And do remember that to hire a new merc, you can hire them through merc manager (each merc hire cost 10000 gold so be sure to keep 10k gold and don’t spend it all on items.)  or get the merc sealed orb/item from quest. For example, to get a monk you need to do monk quest. Monk can be useful with his awakening skill that can heal stunned character.

Next chapter:

Will and Craft

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