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Errr… Sex Education??


Sorry for the lack of update. It is not that I’m lazy just that I didn’t have the time to write and then forgot about the issue that I’m about to raise. I should write down all the idea and get back to it later.

So the topic for today. I got this idea while taking a bath. Aha, you dirty mind. Anyway when I tried to wiki the said issue, guess what “This website has been blocked”. In other word you’re not allowed to learn about sex at work. Keep that in mind guys. The company didn’t want you to use contraceptive. :p

When did you first learn about sex? How did you learn that your abdominal organ is not just to be used to drain unwanted water but can instead produce different water ( for male lah)? And have you ever wonder why yours is different from the opposite sex. Why girls got hole? Why they need to sit to pee (unless there are peoples who did different. Yes, some people do but I will not discuss on how to do that)? Yes, turn back the time. If you’re parent, then someday your kids will bound to ask you these question. “Ayah, condom tu apa?(what is a condom) “. “Condom tu kondominium (Condom is a condominium)”.

The question is when is the best time to explain this to your children? The time she got knocked and have a “big stomach”? By that time it is already too late.

You see, when I was small I always tought that I have this unique organ in order to pee easier. Just point and shoot. And never that my mom tells me anything until high school. The only thing I know was to have a child you must have father and mother. And never a mention of how you are “manufactured”.

By the time I was twelve, I know that people have sex to make children but how? That the question until one of my friends said ” You put your penis in her vagina” or the exact word ” Kau cucuk kote dalam pantat dia” and he showed a demo using his finger.

You see, I was not raised in internet era unlike this days that you bound to see a  porn pop up while surfing the internet. And no picture too. So it is really hard to imagine.

Until that I got a hand on a porn tape. VHS during that time is like a blue ray player today. So expensive that not all can afford. Mine was about 1000 and that was a lot of money that time. A computer? Thousands.( now i remember one of the forgotten blog ideas).

It was a japanese porn flick and american ones. Uncensored. And so I watch this guys thrusting the girl without using any contraceptive device. The feeling? Err nauseous and excited? :p.

The enviroment during that days was very conservative. You can’t see any penis or vagina’s picture anywhere. Even in the school textbook.

All that school textbook shows are these:



Then it describe the sperm and the ovum and blaa blaa blaa and never it mention on how the sperm is going to the ovum. The sperm can fly? Now that would be a sight to see. Every woman will be pregnant.

And then I found a book in a library that shows a cross section of penis inside a vagina. Now that is what I call educational.

All this talk of using condom to prevent pregnancy will be nothing if that guy doesn’t know how to use that simple rubber contraception.

Why should people be shame of sex education? They should put this in at least at school level and warned the girls especially that uncovered penis is no no. Well, sex before marriage is bad. Kids, you should learn that. Don’t let them only to find out about this when it is too late.

Got to go. It’s already late. Till then.

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