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My First Handheld: PSP 3000 and How To Install CFW

At last my first handheld. No, it truly my first game device that can be carried away (other than my handset snake game). Behold, PSP 3K aka Brite. It is a 3rd revision of Sony popular handheld and the best thing is, it has been cracked at last.

Well, sort off. The CFW (custom firmware) reside in the RAM and will be lost when the PSP turn off or reset or BSOD (Black screen of death). The downside is it need official firmware to be version 5.03. If you upgrade it to the latest 5.5X, that’s it. You can no longer play ehem games or use custom software (careful dude. any custom software that touch your flash may ‘bricked’ your psp).

So what make it different from the ‘old’ one? It has shiny new LCD with vibrant rich color especially when you watch anime and movie on it.


Top is the old 2k and bottom is the new 3k.

It also has mic, built in skype software, better tv output, better sound, better curvy figure, small silver ring on the umd panel and anti glare screen (reduced glare actually when in bright room condition) .


So already have a PSP 3k and want to crack it? (Proceed at your own risk.If you bricked it, blame your incompetence to follow order and your luck and your blablabla)

Get these 3 files off the net first (use google):

1.  Official version 5.03 firmware update

2. ChickHen R2

3. CFWEnabler 3.51

Once you get all these files, get a MS Duo Pro and format it using the PSP. Better yet use a separate MS  for your flashing purpose. Then copy the EBOOT.PBP from the official firmware update file to PSP/GAME then run it. How do you do this? You’ll need to connect USB cable to the PSP or use card reader to copy the file. If folder didn’t exist, create it. Read here for more info:

Check your system information screen and make sure it is 5.03 and you’ll need at least 78% battery capacity to do update. After all update done and verified, delete the eboot.pbp.


  1. Copy the Chickhen r2 images file from the slim folder to the photo folder PSP/PHOTO/ and the h.bin to the root of the MS.
  2. Then copy the CFWEnabler folder to PSP/GAME.
  3. After you reinsert the MS back or disconnect the usb cable, go to the xmb photo option (the one with camera). Select the MS (the most bottom one) then press down and hold then press the circle or cross (depend on your psp version).
  4. If you did it correctly, the PSP should reset/restart. If you did it wrong, it will just turned off. Try step 3 again if you failed.
  5. By this time if you failed many timealready, fret not. Go to the system settings>restore default setting. Just accept yes/ok and it will restart. Then press right until the end and press ok/o/x. (It is a screen to set date, nick and other things. Just use default). Remember not to change your nickname. Use the default nickname PXXX.
  6. If you manage to reboot it ok, the system information screen should shows “5.03 ChickHen R2” not “5.03”
  7. Then go to xmb game (joystick icon) and select ms then CFWEnabler 3.51. It will start like normal game. Then select “write to flash etc”. Forgot the correct line. You’ll only need to do this once the first time. The next time you reflash, it will start and return to the xmb screen.
  8. Accept all prompt and it sort of reset and xmb menu screen will appear.
  9. You did it!!! Check the system information again. It should now show “5.03 MHU” or “5.03 M33-6” if you use CFWEnabler 3.50.
  10. Copy all your ehem game copy to the iso folder and it will appear in the xmb screen.
  11. Good luck. You can retain your CFW by putting it to sleep mode. Just slide the power switch once and don’t hold. If you hold it,the PSP will turn off and you will have to redo all steps again from step 3 till 9.

Still stuck? Watch this then:

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