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I’m Starving


Man, the cats and the dogs are falling out from the sky. I don’t why there are saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs”. The only thing that can cause that is tornado though it impossible for Malaysia to have one. I want to go out and eat.

It’s been nearly 24 hours since I last eating. Usually my roommate bought for me but as he gone home for a week, it is up to me to find some food. The only problem is it is raining heavily outside since about 8 hours ago and didn’t show any sign of stopping. I’m waiting for it to stop, grab my motor and rush to the mamak.

It is tenchu. I think it just a matter of time before the water rise rapidly. Though I got nothing to afraid though. ( My room is at 6th floor).

And I’ve been tinkering with the website a little bit. Check out the new gallery. Got some photo in there. Will be adding more in the future.

Meanwhile, got to ogle on this mee.


Here are the recipe. It was in BM but I translate it.

Mi Goreng Mamak (Mamak Fried Mee)
Source : Variasi Masakan Mami by Hajah Fadhilah Hanoum

1 kg yellow mee
6 red onion – to be cut and fried

2 red chili
2 tomatoes } sliced
Onion leaves

2 tea spoon of vinegar
3 table spoon of tomato sauces

2 table spoon of salty soy sauce

2 eggs
2 pieces of soy cube } cut into 2, then fried and sliced

1 lime?
Groundnut -grounded

Minced Ingredient
5-6 dried chili
1 big onion
7-8 medium prawn – skin removed

Heat up the oil, put in the minced ingredient and stirred.Put in a little bit of water and left it for a while till it produce nice smell.

Then put in the soy sauce, tomato sauce, tomato, potatoes (if you want to), enough of salt, and the mee.

Stir them a little bit. Then clear an area in the middle of the wok. Put in eggs into it. Stir the egg a little bit until it turn white. Then stir with the rest of the mee.

After then, serve in a plate, add in the groundnut and slices of onion, chili, soy cube, onion leaves and lime.

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