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Sudden Attack VS Blackshot




Not so recently my internet connection fuck up screaming. So I have to abandon all oversea online game and instead focus those that near me geographically. But as usual, the games near me are not interesting with some exception such as Dragonica and Exteel. I’ve also abandoned Eve Online after the sub expired and look for alternatives. But looking at the current situation, anything that is not in SEA is out of question.

So far I’m followed these issues closely. You can read other’s screaming and meeting with the ISP here:

No engineer present at the meeting nor the higher up. All they sent are PRs to spin and spin. Btw, I haven’t watch Terminator yet.

Back to the topic at hand, it is a comparison of two similiar MMOFPS games that located near me.

First is Sudden Attack licensed by Asiasoft, a Singapore based company. And the second one is the Blackshot online by Garena. Garena is a game portal that is popular among DOTA players.

Sudden Attack


The story line is the usual CS clone Terror vs CT. Not so great graphic and hideous player character graphic. You can change the uniform/camo by buying a new one from the shop using collected points or topped up real money premium point or cash. Has the usual mode, deathmatch, team deatmatch, bomb and defuse.

Great selection of weapon but the weapon graphic is poorly rendered. As for the connection, quiet OK considering the low graphic and system requirement.


The one thing that I must complained is the weapon rental, both games sport weapon rental where the weapon you bought is not permanent but have an expiration period. Sudden Attack weapons is bloody expensive and the time period is by days. Considering that I play only 2 to 3 hours perday, it would be a waste for me to buy it. And also the timer run its course regardless you use it or not. So if you bought 7 days weapon, and play 2 days, imagine how much point you waste. And not to mention that is bloody hard to aqcuire points. Each game awarded you points depending on your kills and damage and usually it about 50 to 100 points per game. And a weapon cost thousands. Imagine that.


And the sound? So CS like.

Pro:  Lagless, lot of weapons, frequent update, CS clone

Cons:Expensive weapon, meager point, weapon rental time, bad graphic, bad sound and music

Blackshot Online


A great game that feature nice and busty graphic. Nyam nyam. It is about war between corporation.


Blackshot online has 4 char that you can choose from when you first time login. This will become you avatar on the ranking list and in the game.

2 speed and 2 defence. Same hp except speed type walk faster and the def one sport more def point. Speed type suitable for SMG toting players and def type is for camper sniper and rifle toting maniac.

Have 4 mode currently, Search and destroy, team deatmatch, CTF, and bunker defense.  Bunker defense mode allows up to 4 people defend a bunker from terrorist and suicide bomber.


Also have clan and partner function but none ready yet. And weapon experience which basically the more you use it the higher damage you deal and also not implemented yet.

Weapon graphic is nice and it has an ok range of weapon to be choose from. And like COD4, it also have tactical abilities and perks. You can rent perks and you can acquired abilities once you rise up in rank.


As for the ranking, it also has color ranking. Not sure how this work yet. Newcomer start white and old veteran usually black. Mine currently is a white Staff Sargeant.

Different from Sudden Attack, the weapon rental time is by hours instead of days.

And lastly, to play this you need to download and register Garena.


Pro: Good graphic, interesting game mode, abilities and per, COD4 clone

Cons: Lack of update, most function unusable, must install Garena, funky music but repetitive


76 thoughts on “Sudden Attack VS Blackshot”

  1. I have got Sudden Attack and i think Blackshot Online i better, but
    everyone has it own favourites 😉

  2. Sudden attack is way better than blackshot..Trust me..BLACK SHOT IS A LAGGY GAME!! o0o blackshot! SUDDEN ATTACK FTW!!

  3. BLACKSHOT RULES! sudden attack stinks like unrealistic. i mean like come on who dies from just 1 knife slash??????weird rite?and the graphics stink.and wow bloody expensive shot :9.0 sudden attack:4.0 🙁

  4. SA better la blackshot so lag and change weapon so slow=change host lag when u wan snipe change weapon so slow by the time die liao lor SA change weapon is very fast and is like the real life movement the graphic is rite also no need so much

  5. Everything in BlackShot in functioning now… check out Partner system and everything else and u will see why blackshot is superior. Both BlackShot and SuddenAttack have bad lag issues, blackshot juz need a good host but suddenattack… almost always lag nowadays. Suddenattack is not realistic…. sprayers who spray 30 bullets can get triple headshot kills. switch weapons? BLackshot switch weapons so much faster, and u can even buy the faster switch weapon ability. =). But both are also good. Blackshot is just more fun for me cuz theres so many unique functions and more teamwork.

  6. Blackshot surely is better its harder and the paros are sooooooo hard to beat its a game where if you acctually manage to qs u are pro

    btw qsing in blackshot is the hardest fcking thing i ever tried

  7. Hi,just found your web-site when i google something and wonder what hosting do you use for your website,the speed is more faster than my blog, i really want to know it.will back to check it out,thanks!

  8. BlackShot and SuddenAttack are good games….BlackShot have lag issue..but SuddenAttack have some graphic issue…but I love Blackshot more than SuddenAttack

  9. I think Sudden Attack!!!! Coz it Expert game.. Blackshot is my 3rd FPS game coz it easier 2 hack!!! Sudden Attack it full of Protection

  10. 1 time i think blackshot great but actuay it sux cause so many hacker and so lagg it connection depend to host ==..sudden attack is great ofcource sudden attack have sux grafik but have strong game guard and no lagg (just some time lagg)

  11. lol i love SuddenAttack more lor!
    Suudenaatck More Nice La!
    And the Name of the gun in sudden attack is the correct de~

    1. LOL Black shot meelee can only lc Unlike sudden attack CAN RC LC AXE ALSO GOT HA BLACK SHOT NOOB LA SA WIN

  12. blackshot is better because the guns you buy are there for how long u play not like in sudden attack where they disappear even if u do not use them. The radar in blackshot is also better since is shows where you can go. There are also more types of games, maps, guns and you can choose what you want to look like. It alos has way better graphics than sudden attacks.

  13. blackshot is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! better,good grahpix,good team work!good every thing!!!I LOVE BLACKSHOT!!!

  14. Sudden attack is better as for blackshot i agree that the graphic is alot better but the game is ALWAYS laggy and i feel that those armour speed quicker switching is lame

  15. ~Yuki :
    Blackshot surely is better its harder and the paros are sooooooo hard to beat its a game where if you acctually manage to qs u are pro
    btw qsing in blackshot is the hardest fcking thing i ever tried

    Lol are you sure is harder? I play in sa and only manage to get 60+k/d. In blackshot i would get 70+k/d and all of those server i play are normal server not beginner. So i would think blackshot is alot easier

  16. Blackshot is way better than SA for me..
    SA dosen’t make any sense.. when a SA char hold knife running.. its like he/she is getting ready to poop anytime on the floor..
    As you can see Blackshot graphics is much better than SA..
    While for the connection.. Its a player to host a game while its the server to host the game in SA.. so if the server is lagging in SA, the whole server is lagging.. In blackshot.. if the room is lagging, other room might be smooth.. Cut to the chase, i prefer blackshot

  17. @professor yeong
    hey the gun name correct are u damn fucking serious. I rest my case . Let me tell u something , M16 a1 correct not damn mp5 u idiot
    TRG 21 is a TRG-22 u know . Famas f1 there is no famas f1 fucker
    xm8 yea
    ak47 ah there its ok .
    M4a1 carbin its carbine idiot . mofucka . Mp5 in sudden attack is mp5k dude . asg 12 spas 12
    sg 870 uhh whats that a browning
    tavor= tar21
    gal is a galil
    smg u1o1 ingram mac 10
    socom m14
    c usp is a 45 usp thats all the others are correct

  18. podre +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++jogo de viado

  19. No, Both games have horrible Graphics.
    I have compared Blackshot with games in 2002, And sure enough, it was somewhat identical except that Blackshot had the blood effect.
    Glasses, lenses, the floor, the terrain the static sky, were horrible.
    If it was good, the glasses/panels should have shined, reflected opposite light and were somewhat still transparent and see through even if you are not zoomed in well you get the point, even on Left 4 dead graphics on medium or COD 4 on low would have shown these graphical aspects go watch a few youtube videos of Crysis on ultra high if you need more elaboration.
    Weapons were unrealistically highly accurate, and scopes were static when zoomed in adding a more unrealistic effect. Much light ambient were absent.
    In comparison with COD4, Blackshot lacked gameplay functionality, the inability to sprint, horrible physics where models could pass through walls when are killed, corpses which are static thus not falling/rolling down through stairs etc despite rag doll physics already released 4 years ago. And i can go on and on.
    You have to buy a new weapon each time you want a new camo/atachment which usually cost real money etc and the list goes on.
    However with that said, you cannot compare a free to play game with a paid to play game. Even though free to play games have limited functions in terms of items where you have to use real money on virtual items on the simplest of things like camo colouring on weapon.
    On the contrary, Paid games such as COD 4, left 4 dead etc have free functionality where everything is free in the game where you just have to use virtual money to pay for virtual objects
    If you have played them before, you would have observed that they have graphics years ahead of Blackshot.

  20. Wanna play black shot ? i play black ops instead in ps3 , Sudden attack also fun , Squad battle , talkative player , pro ppl , Quick zoom easily , black shot is juz too hard man!

  21. suddenattack is more real then black shot blackshot very lame but suddenattack is fun and also blackshot got virus becareful i got before and suddenattack no virus and not lag at all

  22. I have play both games before, but i think sudden attack is so much better than Blackshot, Sudden attack is much more realistic than black shot. If you are going to ask that blackshot is much better in realistic. THE ANSWER IS A NO! That game is like sci-fi. (kind of) Plus sudden attack doesn’t get affected in virus, or lag ( maybe a little). Black shot is very laggy, and the graphics sucks.

    PLS SWITCH TO SA. Reccommended!!!!!

  23. SAfan :
    Sudden attack is way better than blackshot..Trust me..BLACK SHOT IS A LAGGY GAME!! o0o blackshot! SUDDEN ATTACK FTW!!

    LOLs Tats ur computers problem, or theres just some noob who dunno how to CHANGE HOST.

  24. hey guys i play blackshot is damn fucking easy altough good graphic it is not realistic at all but sudden attack is better cos although have lousier graphic,it is so much more realistic than blackshot and the black shot sniper like toy blackshot lag too sudden attack not as lag as sudden attack better sudden attack 100/100 blackshot 50/100

  25. Sudden attack also lag….. so please dont say tat blackshot has lag issue…..Dumb. Blackshot way btr den sudden attack.

  26. eh sorry to contradict those who think that people change gun in real life is as fast as in sudden attack, that is just pure shit. and blackshot’s weapons only go by the hours you play, not the hours since you buy the gun (SA). SA is a decent game, but still loses out to blackshot lor…


  28. Suddenattacksea is way better than blackshot. It sucks… If you’re not happy about it please feel free to come and asiasoft.

  29. Sudden Attack Is Way better.
    Blackshot for Noobs+Newbies. Proes in Blackshot Overdeathed by normal Sa Players. Noob Sa player like me(KD44) can pwn BS lieutenants like shyt. black shot requires spamming skill only. Sa is about footwork and headline. So, in conclusion, SA FTW!!!!!!!

  30. Blackshot is the BEST. Sudden Attack i try before but too lag and the graphics suck shyt damn screwed up one. The worst thing is that the weapons are super expensive and whether you use it or not the “timer” of the weapon will continue ticking. In short stupid SA is just forcing you to play as long as possible each day. quit it after 2 months and tried Blackshot. Loved that game ever since

  31. BlackShot vs Sudden Attack. I think both same, if compared to lagg issues. But in terms of gameplay, I think it’s BlackShot that’s a better league.

  32. In terms of comparing, I vote both 50-SA. 99-BS.
    Fair n square. Thumbs up for Forester and HK416ProMAster.

  33. Fuck Sudden Attack. Bloody god damn hands so small how to see. Graphic like fucked up, I think asiasoft said,”oh fuck the graphics. Asia is so dumb they will still play. ” Asiasoft should pay much more attention to the graphics, not some shitty ‘not even realistic’ graphics. Blackshot? The graphics much more better, seriously. There Is recoil for some weapons, damn fun to play. Those who say blackshot lieutenant noob, come play with me snipe la? Sudden attack fucked up noobs only play it.


  34. i used to play sudden attack be4.kinda first i thought it was the better than BlackShot cause it fun and has big head and some other shits until i met blackshot.BS got nice graphics,weapons realistic,challenging and more weapons to SA suck like lame.graphic like shit oso want to say realitic?get real SA players.SA so noob many noob players.not challenging.kid game.Blackshot is da best.F**k who says blackshot not real.

  35. Blackshot buy medikit from injured to healthy within seconds, headshot someone get health, got more GS get more thin skin,Gay guns, etc..sudden attack is better need skill

  36. Sudden attack sucks lah dogs, you all dont know how to see the graphics? Like mine craft only lah! See the knife game, one head shot the enemy can fly away. And grenade can head shot, WTF? blackshot is more nice, super freaking nice graphics, realistic like shit!

    1. Bs always have fcking noob glitcher and hacker,newbier+noob shit player spamer only and the map small like shit bom also fcking kill ppl sohai this bom call bom ? knife also sohai alr press left clik also cannot kill the fat guy adam and cathy .SA good la have vampire and big head and the real for life for pro to use only Bs haiz spam like idiot only Awp cannot QZ Trg 21good Qz and the charater BS wa dulan dao Armor only noob SA all fair have what la BS +ammo ? and any idiot things BS is fcking waste money i in BS 100 shell=RM7? SA12.50=5000 la sohai idoit Bs one the hack Rapid fire walan this dulan me vey long time le eat your shit la ,SA all KD 50%-60% BS haha this funny i see a newbie also can 60% in game 0/23? idiot also

  37. For those who say blackshot is lag well i dun experience any lag if yrs is lag its yr computer fault not blackshots fault but suddenattack the players there are proer den in blackshot but den there are so less players and the lnife can spam? So unrealistic i mean in real life u take 1 knife den slash 1 time cant spam one rite den suddenattack can spam?

  38. arkadaşlar sudden atack ben oynadım blach shot ta oynadım ama sudden atack daha güzel çok daha güzel ama wolfteam 2 sinede 1000000 basar

  39. Blackshot

    Pro:CoD clone,Top up rate is too expensive(nice eh?),Gs player are better than normal bp players…

  40. Ai yoh u guys that says bs better a noobs lah .sa like real life no soooooo lag like lan ciao like that so fcking players are more pro.the pros in bs cannot play sa one .i tell u lah bs sucks sa rules forever.

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