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Heard about the rally in Dataran Merdeka. Read a few report here and there but I guess the rally got nothing to do with me. After all, I didn’t even vote. Why should I care about corrupted SPR?. It is understandable that a lot of people didn’t satisfied the way the poll is run. Postal poll? Well, how can we know that the said people even vote? And I didn’t even check if I got my names in the SPR register. After all, I won’t be surprised if my name in it even I didn’t bother to register.

I guess the happiest of all would be digi. After all, the company color is yellow right? Turns out all those people who came yesterday wore yellow. Now where is that yellow guy with the signal bar on his chest? Don’t know they choose yellow. Royalty color? Blue is BN, red is umno, green is PAS. So a yellow? Why not pink?

Well, I don’t want to elaborate more. After all, I didn’t care which party rules. All in all, everybody know how those people are like. Politician = tuuutt. Not to mention most of them are uneducated or didn’t want to use their own common sense and can’t even think by themselves. A lowly assistant propose something, they took it and said this is my proposal. When something goes wrong, blame the assistant and god but never themselves.

Just like last time when sheikh muzaffar went to space, a remark by some “people”  clearly show the level of their thinking.

“Eh eh, the pen is floating” Obvious. They in space.

” They cannot move until they reach ISA?” 2 days to ISA? Clearly they can lah. Only you think they cannot.

Corruption? Everywhere got corruption be it the goverment or the opposition. Not mention ACA itself and recent event about judicial issue. Justice should be free from goverment and other bodies and under direct power of agong but guess it isn’t so in Malaysia.

Oh and by the way, the college put a bulletin warning student not to join the rally but I guess a sensible student won’t travel 250km to join a time wasting rally while final exam week is here.

I like MPP polls, cause they serve biscuits and drinks and even got lucky draw. I won a pendrive last time. See, I’ve been corrupted.

I think it is better to let engineer rule the country. Then all things can work with any problems. And never let a philosopher rules one.

Politic is like eating a hot dog


2 thoughts on “Bersih??”

  1. that rally, i rather waste my time jacking
    than go to that rally,
    im not into politic, im engineer turn to be business man,
    i i use politics just to gain my interest

  2. Big Tall Order is great for solving this problem, just been on it my self thanks to this article

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