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Jagged Alliance 2

One of my favorite retro games. It is a tactical squad base strategy game which is on a same line with X-Com series. Except this time, there’s no alien. Jagged alliance 2 is a sequel to the original Jagged Alliance and Jagged alliance: deadly games which both I had. Both of them can be find on the net at the abandonware site.

Jagged alliance 2 is made by Sir Tech which later acquired by Strategy First when Sir Tech went bankrupt. Wonder why all those good companies went under or acquired by other company. Such as Microprose and Bullfrog. Both company produce excellent game. Remember dungeon keeper?

You are a commander of an elite mercenaries team fighting to free a country from dictator. A dangerous woman dictator. Against unsurmountable of odds and highly equipped regular army and commandos, you raise the peasant into rebellions by teaching them how to use those pitchfork. Ops, I mean AK and mp5. Or you take the fight to the enemy personally with your team of highly trained commando or maybe not. In time, a good management and courage will win the war.

Jagged Alliance combine both real time and turn base style. You explore the map or sectors in real time and fight in turn base combat. Neat idea. There’s a lot of equipment to be used and applied on your mercenaries. You can train militias, or go online shopping and hiring using your laptop. Your mercenaries can be assigned to a lot of task such as repairing and training.

Your mercenaries also have feeling and morale. Watch them tremble in fear or go psycho in the midst of combat. Also have a care when hiring. Some of them didn’t work well with others.

Tired of walking around? Get a helicopter or an ice cream van to move around. Take over mines to increase your money pool. Jagged alliance 2 required a lot of micro management compared to the old games. You can interact with people on the map and discover a new hint or mission. Or something to be noticed about such as “There’s something in the mine”. Jagged Alliance 2 battle span on the surface or under the surface. It is also an old game and didn’t take much of system requirement too run it.

Jagged Alliance 2 also have an expansion called Unfinished Business. It also have multiple mod that add a new mission, items or different story line. One of the popular one are Wildfire and Urban Chaos.

You can download the torrent here:


There also team of modders who increase the original Jagged Alliance 2 resolution, add better graphics, totally new weapon and items. You can download the mod at:

Jagged Alliance 2 mod v1.13

The Wildfire is a stand alone mod of Jagged Alliance 2 which tell a different story when rebellions went wrong and the queen is still in control.

Download it here:


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