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Man, Its Cold Out Here!!!

* This was posted at on 1st Dec 2006


Outside it is 10 C. Too cold but not yet subzero. Last time, I went to New Zealand and it was summer. So not that cold and they have nice breeze. Here in Ireland, it always raining cat n dogs and no sign of snow. It feel just like in a freezer.

The interesting part was the flight from Heathrow to Cork. We boarded aer lingus flight and about 2 3rd of the flight was uneventful. Then come the hard part as the plane descending, it was shaking too much that the stewardess keep crashing into the passenger. Really bad than the roller coaster. You can hear the sound of the wing creaking when we dropped a few feet after hitting air pocket. Y? The teory is cold air is heavier and move down. Warm air move up. So down it goes the plane with the cold air. Then the captain make an announcement saying that the upwind is about 100 knot. No wonder cause the weather in cork during that time is storm.


I look the mat salleh beside me and nearby closing their eye hoping they will make it. Well by the time the plane is about to touchdown, a wind swept the plane to side and the pilot tried to rebalance the aircraft. Not to mention that the runway was wet and during the braking phase, the plane throw side to side until it stop. After that, everybody clap their hand coz we landed safely.

In the airport, I heard that all outgoing flights were grounded and our plane was the last one to land and had to land cause they didn’t have much fuel to make turn around. Lucky me? Bull shit.

So the morale of this story is, never fly with those cheap airline again like AirAsia cause they only bring enough fuel to get there and the maintenance is not proper.


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