Last post for today. I found this while surfing on the net. Really make my stomach hurt. And it take really long to load on my so called TMNET Hotspot broadband. Suppose to give 384kbps but i think a 36k dial up perform much better. Why American should be banned from cosplaying Old post but still interesting. Usually, I use 2 connection to connect to internet switching it depending which one is faster. And both run concurrently cause I use the loophole in the proxy…Continue Reading “Cosplay??!!”

The Site is Good to go at last


Setting up a site is no an easy task. I have to make sure everything is working properly and to make do which is head and which is tail. Each time something is corrected, something else will broken.

Not just that, with a frustration of uploading and watching the screen wanting to throw the monitor out as the ftp client keep reconnecting due to dc. Man, broadband in Malaysia really sucks. I’m thinking of getting celcom but celcom is also managed by the provider of the sucks broadband. Same old shit.

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I have a blog at blogspot which haven’t been updated for a long time. Since I have a lot of time now, I’m thinking of building a new blog instead of continuing the old one. So here we are at the wordpress. From what I can see yet, it got a lot of features that I like such as link manager and page type post. Not to mention that last time, blogspot was blocked by KP though I don’t know why. If you guys are…Continue Reading “New Start”