Sudden Attack VS Blackshot




Not so recently my internet connection fuck up screaming. So I have to abandon all oversea online game and instead focus those that near me geographically. But as usual, the games near me are not interesting with some exception such as Dragonica and Exteel. I’ve also abandoned Eve Online after the sub expired and look for alternatives. But looking at the current situation, anything that is not in SEA is out of question.

So far I’m followed these issues closely. You can read other’s screaming and meeting with the ISP here:

No engineer present at the meeting nor the higher up. All they sent are PRs to spin and spin. Btw, I haven’t watch Terminator yet.

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Errr… Sex Education??


Sorry for the lack of update. It is not that I’m lazy just that I didn’t have the time to write and then forgot about the issue that I’m about to raise. I should write down all the idea and get back to it later.

So the topic for today. I got this idea while taking a bath. Aha, you dirty mind. Anyway when I tried to wiki the said issue, guess what “This website has been blocked”. In other word you’re not allowed to learn about sex at work. Keep that in mind guys. The company didn’t want you to use contraceptive. :p

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Atlantica Online: Chapter 1


Currently I’m busy playing this new online game. It is called Atlantica Online. The server is based in US so expect some lagginess when in the game. And there are no SEA version yet that I can found. Atlantica Online is a mmorpg with turn base battle system. Kind like Heroes of Might and Magic style of game. In 3D.

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Myself Yourself


OMG. I’m getting mellow mellow. Well, here another interesting anime that I just watched recently. I like the plot and it is a mix of romance, despair, comedy and reality of life.

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School Days


I start download this since the beginning of this year and just got chance to watch it this past few days. Quiet an exciting anime. I recommend you guys to watch it. It left me with mixed feeling.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wishing you all “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri” and Maaf Zahir Batin. If you want to hear some raya songs, get it in the download page. And here an ecard from Astro. Astro Raya

Setting Up My Own Linux Server


Recently I just subscribed  to broadband connection. Since I got my old Pentium 3 computer which only lay around doing nothing, I decided to boot it up and set it up as a downloader computer. It will run download manager and torrent program thus freeing my main computer from the need to switch on 24 hours and consuming the pc resources.

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KOKORO (Heart)

An interesting music video. About a robot who search for her purpose of being created and obtain the long desired heart that her creator desire. She only got it after hundred of years later.After that she died because her body (she’s a robot you know)… Read More »KOKORO (Heart)