Espada. Sound like that character in that anime which its main hero cry out “bankai” and turn super strong. You know which one. Except this one is a game and have nothing to do with that anime. Nothing at all except that both have espada. Yes, actually espada meaning is sword. This game is called Granado Espada or also called The Sword of New World. It is a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game) from Korea, the land of online games.

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image081.jpg Last time I promise you guys the pictures of my workplace. Well here some of them. The not so sensitive informations.The first picture is the sign in front of the building taken at night. If you want to know what is MEASAT is, head here. This picture was taken after work as I always park outside the gate. Read the small print beneath the MEASAT word. Teleport and broadcast centre. The first time I read them, I thought “Wah, here got Star Trek teleportation device. They can teleport using MEASAT woo.” Actually it stand for telecommunication port. Really misleading.

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I haven’t been blogging for a long time. Not since CNY. Well, for an update, I’m not jobless anymore and I’m getting a broadband connection soon. The only bad news is I had to find more time or to steal time to do an update. So maybe a few update in a day. And it is also really hard to find time to watch anime. As for myself, right now I’m working with Astro. Well, nearly everyday watching tv. Later I upload some picture of…Continue Reading “The Return of ……”

Yep, wishing all happy chinese new year. Right now I’m at my aunt’s or ahyi house collecting angpow. After this perhaps I’ll go watch new stephen chow movie. Oh, wish you guys the best. chow

Vacancy for Japanese Speaking Graduate

Those who are IT graduate and can speak Japanese fluently and still searching for jobs, perhaps this job will suit you. Emerio (M) is looking for people to fill this position, Position : Service Desk Engineer – Japanese Type of position : Contract Duration : 1 year Location : Cyberjaya, Malaysia So if you’re interested please contact: [email protected] (Please remove the XXX) You can read the company profile at

Just got back from interview at Texas Instrument. Looks promising. Then check out the website and realize that advertlets is out of business. Damn. I didn’t get to cash out rm 4 they owes me. Not to mention that the absence of their domains cause my website to redirect to their stupid domain parking after finished loading fooling the visitors that my website is down too. No, it is up but it seems down if your connection is fast enough that you got redirect quickly….Continue Reading “Advertlets Sucks!!!!”

One of my favourite game, it is a cell shaded graphic game which appeal lot to me. A RPG game with a little twist. As it predecessor which I also play, it add additional feature and retain the georama mode from the old game. This game is must have for an avid RPG gamer. It also have similiar graphic with Rogue Galaxy.

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Project D

Now i will update the progress of this car. Since me and my brother bought this 19/11/2007 until now, not much work has been done. Last Friday 7/12/2007 I follow my friend to Shah Alam, I haven’t saw the car until last Friday since we bought it. So the next day Saturday, we went to Kota Kemuning workshop installing the GT-R seat front and back. The seat is quite dirty but it is in good condition, just need to do some cleaning. The GT-R bucket seat were bought through online forum, We bought the whole bodyparts of GT-R v-spec II, rear bumper, head light, front bumper, doors and wide body parts. Since the body parts colour is different with the car, we need to do new paint job. Still missing one important part, sport rim. We were trying to buy from the same person that sell us all this parts. We decided to go with 17″ nismo GT-4 rim by Rays. Once all the body parts has been install. We will continue with new paint job. We also decided to go with gun metal colour.

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